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Metals testing laboratory

The Zwick Materials Testing Laboratory is ready to assist with all your metallic materials testing requirements. We supply standard-compliant testing solutions for all established testing standards (DIN, ISO, ASTM ...) and specimen shapes (flat specimens, round specimens, concrete-reinforcing steel, wire, castings etc.).

From preparation of the specimen material to testing to evaluation and analysis of test results, the Zwick Testing Laboratory are experts in metals testing.

Our testing service includes:

  • tensile, compression and flexure tests (ISO 6892 etc.)
  • tests at temperature (-40°C to +900°C)
  • hardness tests to all established methods (Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell ....)
  • fatigue tests and fracture mechanics
  • sheet metal testing (e.g. cupping tests as per Erichsen (EN ISO 20482), earing tests (EN 1669) ...)
  • impact tests up to 750J (Charpy, Izod, Brugger, impact tensile and wedge-impact tests to all established standards)
  • component testing
  • specimen preparation (specimen blanking and specimen grinding)

An overview of all the standard tests that we can carry out for you is available in the Metal standards overview.

What can we test for you?


Zwick Roell Italia S.r.l.
Tel.  +39 (0)10-0898700
E-Mail  support.it@zwick.com

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